• chevron_rightWhere and how do I pay my Dues?
    Invoices are sent out on an annual basis in the fall by Ardsley Management. Payment instructions are included with the invoice and may be made by check, money order, or credit card. If you need a copy of your most recent invoice, please contact Ardsley Management at 317-253-1401 or for other dues questions: send an email to taylor@ardsleymgmt.com.
    As of 2022, the Meadows POA has changed the annual dues payment structure.  Homeowners may choose to pay in full when the invoice is received OR split their payment into two installments. 
    1. OPTION 1: Pay the full amount by check or credit card by January 31st. 
    2. OPTION 2: Two installment payments by check or credit card (50% due by January 31st, with the remaining 50% due by March 31st).  
    NOTE: Only one (1) invoice will be mailed. If the homeowner opts to split their payment into two (2) installments, they are responsible for making a copy of the invoice to send with each payment installment.
    Late Fees will be assessed on the 1st of each month thereafter beginning April 1st. Late fees continue to be assessed until all dues and fees have been received and paid in full. Accounts that are Past Due will be turned over to collection on or after April 30th.
    Past Due account balances not received by Ardsley as of April 30th will be turned over to collection. 
    Accounts in Collection, once an account has been sent to collection all inquiries and payments would need to be directed to the attorney handling your account; neither Ardsley nor the MPOA Board will be able to answer your questions or accept payment while an account is in collection. Any payment received by us would be forwarded to the attorneys for processing further delaying the process. So please be sure to follow all instructions and contact them directly.  (Community privileges including the pool are suspended during the collections process.) 
  • chevron_rightHow do I leave a message for the Board?
    You may contact the Meadows POA via Ardsley Management at  317-253-1401.  Calls will be answered by a live person Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 am-5:00 pm.
    If you call after office hours, please remember the following when leaving your message: 
    1. Speak slowly and clearly
    2. Provide the following information:
         a. Say and spell both your first and last name 
         b. Your home address in The Meadows
         c. Phone number
         d. Reason for your call
         e. if you would like an email response, please include your email address 
                  Again, please speak slowly and clearly, it is greatly appreciated. 
    You may also contact the Board by using the Contact Us page on the website, by mail at Meadows POA, 3002 East 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220, or by fax at 317-259-0387.
  • chevron_rightWhere and when are the Board of Directors Meetings? (Updated)
     Board of Directors Meetings:
    Meetings of the Board of Directors are held on the third Tuesday of the month from 6:00 pm -7:30 pm with the exception of the months of November and December. Typically during the colder months of January, February, March, October and the Annual Meeting are all held indoors at a local community center or hotel. During April, May, June, July, August, and September, the meetings are typically held in a shelter house at Forest Park to enjoy the warmer weather and fresh air.  
    • Meetings in November and December vary based on when the Annual Meeting is planned and set. There typically is only one meeting in EITHER November or December as a result of the Annual Meeting date. 
    Homeowners who have an issue they would like to discuss with the Board will need to contact the MPOA Board via Ardsley Management at 317.253.1401 at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting so they may be included on the agenda via the MPOA website or via Ardsley Management at 317-253-1401. 
  • chevron_rightWhat is the official mailbox post stain color, where can I get it?
    Here is the wood stain information:
    The official color stain for our mailbox posts sold at Otto's Street Solutions in Greenwood, Indiana. It is called "Woodsman Sagebrush".  Otto's can be contacted at: 
    Otto's Streetscape Solutions | 2449 E Main St, Greenwood, IN 46143 | (317) 886-4400
    Unfortunately, this stain is no longer available on its own, however, an approximate match can be found at Lowe's Home Improvement.
    For reference: Olympic brand solid color stain, (Jefferson Tan) which is sold by the quart. One quart will do 5-6 mailbox posts.
  • chevron_rightWhere can I get an approved mailbox and/or the post?
    It is required that mailboxes meet the original standards set in place by the developer, which include consistent style, size, and color. A 4x4 Cedar Post with Custom Support, stained with a solid pigment stain, Custom Color Sagebrush. A standard Black Metal Mailbox with vinyl graphics or lettering on both sides of the mailbox. This means that mailboxes must have lettering on both sides that includes the complete street address, i.e. “12345 Amber Way”.
    To order lettering only, email deb@LoganStreetSigns.com with your name and address, and indicate that you reside in The Meadows. As of 2023, the cost is approximately $21.40. (Includes 7% sales tax).
    When the lettering is ready, you will be contacted and can pick up the lettering at Logan Street Signs & Banners, 1720 South 10th Street, Noblesville. Store Hours are Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm; Saturday: By Appointment. Logan Street Signs & Banners 317-773-7200.
    Mailboxes and posts may be ordered through Otto’s Streetscape Solutions. Their contact information is   317-886-4400  OR  www.ostreetscape.com.
    The approximate pricing as of May 2021 is below for your estimating purposes. For the most current pricing, contact Otto's Streetscape Solutions directly.
    Mailbox Box Replacement ONLY:
    Produce a medium T2 standard mailbox, Factory Black, with medium vinyl graphics on both sides (numbers and street name), Sand Murray font.
    The cost for the homeowner to pick up and install the mailbox is $76.34 (7% sales tax included)         
    Mailbox ONLY Removal & Replacement
    To have Otto's Streetscape Solutions come out and remove the old mailbox and then install a new mailbox is $114.20 (7% sales tax included).                                                                                                                                  
    Post Replacement:
    To have Otto's Streetscape Solutions produce a Blunt 4x4 Cedar Post with Custom Support Sagebrush.
    • The cost for a homeowner to pick up and install the post themselves is $175.85 (7% sales tax included)          
    • The cost to have Otto's Streetscape Solutions remove the old post and install a new post (including mailbox reinstallation) is $270.85 (7% sales tax included)
    Complete Unit Replacement (both mailbox & post):
    Produce a medium T2 standard mailbox powder coated Black, with medium vinyl graphics on both sides (numbers and street name), Sand Murray font.  Produce a Blunt 4x4 Cedar Post with Custom Support in Sagebrush color.
    • The total cost for a homeowner to pick up and install the post/mailbox combination themselves is $240.05 (7% sales tax included)    
    • The total cost for Otto's Streetscape Solutions to remove the old post/mailbox combination and install a new post/mailbox combination is $335.05 (7% sales tax included).                                                                                                                                   
    The above information is believed to be accurate, as always please check with vendors for accuracy, and the most up-to-date pricing.   
  • chevron_rightWhat can be done about all the geese? They are such a nuisance!
    The geese are SO ANNOYING! What can we do about them?  
    First, if you did not know it, Canada geese are protected by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, which means it's against the law to kill a Canada goose or gosling without federal permission. Additionally, you can't even touch them without a permit from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources
    Mating season runs from February to March, and their nesting typically occurs from mid-March through June. Their ideal nesting sites are open areas within 150 feet of water.  This puts them within walking distance of food and an unobstructed view to avoid danger.  Our ponds are the perfect location because they have no obstruction where a potential predator may be hiding.  
    Geese feed extensively on fresh, short, green grass. Manicured lawns near the ponds also create an ideal habitat for geese to set up residence, multiply, and congregate.  Geese, including their young, also have a strong tendency to return to the same area annually.  Once geese start nesting in a particular location, it is likely more geese will nest there in the future. We’ve all noticed the large congregations of geese and the large amount of excrement they leave behind.  Some have seen them demonstrating aggressive behavior, especially during their breeding and nesting season.  
    There are mixed views among our homeowners about these geese that have been shared with me.  Some of us love them and welcome them into our yards and even feed them.  Others can’t stand them and wish they could shoot BBs at them, (a type of air gun, which of course is not at all acceptable). And then there are homeowners who have suggested putting decoys on the ponds like our Noblesville Fire Department with their pink flamingo.  Lastly, there are homeowners who have concerns about the spray we use, the cost to do so, and whether or not it’s effective. This is all great feedback (except the BB shooting idea) and legitimate questions/concerns that I would like to address to hopefully help answer.  
    I am not a wildlife expert, so to help in my understanding of Canada geese and how the MPOA handles this effort I’ve had multiple conversations with our vendor, Landscape Solutions; and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR). While there are several techniques that are used in Canada goose control, there are some that are just not practical for the MPOA to implement (e.g., building obstructions, running low-level “trip wire” to block the geese from walking in an area.)  Indiana DNR has said that regardless of the method(s) used, geese are water birds, and will be drawn to water. And with our ponds that have unobstructed views, and clear areas for geese to nest and congregate, it is the ideal “safe” place for them to be drawn to.  With that said, we most likely will not be able to eliminate them but reduce the number.  
    This coincides with our goal of reducing their presence, not eliminating them.
    What method do we use? 
    In our landscaping contract, the MPOA has geese repellant.  Landscape Solutions uses a product called Flight Control PLUS which is registered with the EPA and is non-toxic.  This liquid spray is applied to the turf around the berms of our 5 ponds and the common area behind the playground equipment. The applications start in mid-March (weather pending) and go through the fall. This creates a color change in the turf that is visible to the geese, and after feeding on this treated turf they experience stomach discomfort.  As they associate the colored turf with stomach discomfort, they move on to sites with more desirable food sources. The spray becomes less effective during the summer weeks as the grass grows and is cut weekly, requiring additional scheduled applications throughout the season. 
    Do the geese repellant we use work? 
    Many homeowners that I have spoken to have indicated they do not believe it does and that our funds should be spent on something else.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to measure the effectiveness of the spray to provide an analytical answer.  I would just propose that we remember that the DNR stated Canadian geese are water birds that are drawn to attractive (and ideal) water locations.  We don’t want to remove this service to find out its effectiveness, potentially causing us to be reactive instead of proactive.  And to consider there’s no one size fits all solution, and that Canada goose control is a long-term process with varying procedures to help reduce the congregation of geese.  
    What other method(s) could we add? 
    In addition to repellent, some subdivisions use herding dogs for repeated visits at various times of the day to give the geese the impression that the location is unsafe due to nearby “predators”.  These dogs are specifically trained to not touch the geese but will herd or chase them to make them feel threatened and move to a “safer” location.  The less frequent the visits, the less effective.  This is NOT currently a solution that your MPOA utilizes, nor is considered as it is fairly expensive to implement, which would impact your annual dues.  
    Could we add decoys?
    The Fire Department on 191st has from time to time added a fun pink flamingo in their pond...could we do the same?  However, could we do that in the Meadows?  The short answer is No, we cannot.  While several homeowners have volunteered to purchase and toss a decoy on the water, and we’ve had a few laughs at the kinds of decoys some envision out there; many homeowners who live directly on the ponds have expressed concern that doing so would detract the pond’s natural beauty and would be distasteful.  The MPOA agrees that doing this would not be in the best overall interest of the community.
    As mentioned previously, we do have homeowners who love to see the geese, and rightfully so! That’s one of the reasons they bought a house on a pond.  And in their love for these geese, they will feed them.  While the MPOA will not tell a homeowner they cannot do this, we would encourage homeowners to consider not feeding them because it does impact our efforts to minimize the congregation of geese.  
    So, what should we do?
    It’s a challenging situation and a bit of a quandary not knowing the best and most effective method of deterrence without increasing your annual dues or going against the law by killing these protected birds. We recognize that they can be a big nuisance for many who live near the ponds.  We do welcome your continued suggestions via Ardsley Management for continued exploration, or in person at an upcoming monthly Board Meeting.  (Be sure to check the website for the schedule.) But please do understand that any additional method(s) will come at a cost, which could impact the annual dues in the future.  The MPOA doesn’t take raising dues lightly and would prefer to avoid that whenever possible.
  • chevron_rightWhat do we do about the outside solicitors coming to our houses? (Updated)
    We are unable to restrict soliciting per city ordinances, however, all solicitors must be licensed by the city of Noblesville and issued a permit. What this means to you is that if someone comes to your door trying to solicit something, you can ask to see their permit and if they do not have it with them ask them to leave. After they leave, you should call the police with a description of the person and tell them which way they went after they left your house.
    There is also a clickable link to see a list of the currently licensed solicitors, if they are not on the list call the police and report them. Current list from the city can be found here: https://www.noblesville.in.gov/department/division.php?structureid=343
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact about a property that has weeds more than 6" high?
    Weed problems should be reported to Justin Schuessler (776-6325 or you can email him at jschuessler@noblesville.in.us).
    Be sure to include the address of the property (or at least the approximate location).
    You may also contact the Meadows POA via Ardsley Management at 317-253-1401. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I get a new Pool FOB?
    If your Pool FOB has become lost or damaged... you may send a check for $25/Fob to the  (Meadows POA, 3002 East 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220-0887) and we will send you a new Fob.  If possible, please indicate the first five digits of the Pool Fob number you still have in your possession, so that we may check that the status and settings are set correctly within the system.
    If your FOB is no longer working... please contact Ardsley Management at (317) 253-1401 (8:30 am-5:00 pm). You will need to provide the Pool Fob number found on the back of the FOB and indicate the problem (i.e. light on the key FOB reader remains red; light on the key fob reader flashes red) in order to determine if the Pool Fob can be re-activated.  Again, If the FOB is damaged, there will be a $25/Fob fee for a replacement.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the Pool Hours?
    OUR POOL HOURS are adjusted annually at the start of the season. 
    The pool officially opens on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (the last weekend of May) and operates daily (weather permitting) until Labor Day (the first Monday of September). 
    Based on our pool's physical size, by state law, we are required to have a lifeguard on site anytime the pool is open. The MPOA has contracted Pyle's Pools to maintain and operate our neighborhood pool. They provide the lifeguards, and occasionally they have staffing issues that might delay the opening of the pool on any given day. The MPOA is not responsible for staffing issues that Pyle's Pools may have on any given day. If the pool is not open when you arrive, it could be due to a staffing issue, OR due to the weather, OR possibly another issue such as a temporary closure due to inappropriate foreign matter in the pool that has to be removed and the pool properly cleansed before it can be reopened. 
    If when you arrive at the pool there is a problem with your pool FOB, please contact the Meadows POA via Ardsley Management at 317-253-1404 (8:30 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday) or contact the Meadows via the website. The pool company does not have extra pool FOBs nor will they be able to activate or deactivate your FOBs. Nor can they just let you in, so please don’t ask them to do so.  
    NOTE: Letting other residents into the pool by use of your fob is not permitted. Violators of this policy can have their pool privileges suspended. All residents are expected to use their own FOBs. If your privileges have been suspended, please do not put others' pool privileges at risk by asking them to let you into the pool. 
  • chevron_rightWhy does my pool FOB no longer work?
    There could be a legitimate reason as to why your FOB does not work.  If you have any unpaid dues, fees or you have received a 2nd violation notice and have not yet corrected the problem, your pool privileges may have been suspended. 
    If you believe that the above does not apply to you and your FOB does not work, please contact Ardsley Management at (317) 253-1401 (8:30 am-5:00 pm). If FOBs are lost or damaged, you will be charged a $25 replacement fee.
    Homeowners who received new or replacement pool FOBS after April 2018 may encounter a problem with access to the pool facility. The only way to confirm these FOBS are working properly is to bring the FOB to the pool and have it physically checked; the fix cannot be done remotely.
    If you received a pool FOB(s) after April 2018, please contact Ardsley Management at (317) 253-1401 (8:30 am-5:00 pm). 
    NOTE: All FOBs remain the property of the MPOA and are only assigned to the lot address for residents' use. 
  • chevron_rightWhat is up with the Violations? How can they be avoided?
    The most unpleasant but necessary task of the MPOA is managing violations.  Homeowner Associations face a lot of critique from those who aren’t crazy about having an organization dictate what they can and can’t do with their property. Some people are wary of living under bylaws that come with violations.  While an HOA isn’t for everyone, there are positives to consider as well.  The biggest positive for homes found in an HOA where rules are enforced is that overall, their property values generally don’t decline, but are aided in preserving and increasing the property value due to the overall neighborhood surrounding the home.  If you look at different analytics on the internet, there are studies that claim homes for sale in an HOA are generally 4% higher than homes for sale outside of an HOA. 
    Another positive is the aesthetics of the community in general.  Just take a walk or drive through the Meadows subdivision and you’ll see the proof!  If we reflect back on when we moved to the Meadows, some of the reasoning we had for moving into the subdivision probably included how the neighborhood looks.  
    Within The Meadows, there are six (6) very common violations found here, all listed below.  We will also provide information on how to correct the violations. Please note that the list below is only consisting of the most common violations here in the Meadows, please refer to the rules and regulations for a comprehensive list.  Also, if you are ever unsure about something you’re wanting to do to your property, don’t hesitate to contact Ardsley or an MPOA Board member for guidance and clarification.  
    • Mailbox Posts: The mailbox posts are 4x4 Cedar with a custom support.  These are not available at local hardware stores.  Since we no longer have a resident making mailbox posts, the company we recommend contacting for replacement is Otto’s Streetscape Solutions.  Their contact number is:  (317) 886-4400.  When you give them the name of our community and your address, they should already have on file the type of mailbox post that is authorized for this community. 
    • Mailbox post stain: To keep your mailbox post in optimum condition, it is recommended that you clean and stain your post at least every couple of years.  The best place locally to get the stain is at Lowe’s in Noblesville.  If you go to the paint counter at Lowe’s and let the employee know that you need to stain your cedar mailbox post in the Meadows, they do have the stain color mix on file.  Just let them know that the color you need is Jefferson Tan.  They will pull a quart of stain off the shelf, and then add the right mix to the quart.  This color is not an on-the-shelf color, it needs to be mixed by the store.  The smallest size that we believe you can buy it in, is a quart size.
    • Mailbox lettering: If you need to replace the lettering on your mailbox, ensure that you use Medium Sand Murray font for the vinyl letters and replace them on both sides of the mailbox.  You may be able to find replacement lettering from an online seller.  But locally we recommend contacting Logan Street Signs.  The preferred method is to email Deb at: Deb@loganstreetsigns.com  In the body of your email, let her know you need Medium Sand Murray Font vinyl lettering for both sides of your mailbox.  Provide your address and let her know you live in the Meadows.  They generally have the lettering ready within one business day.  The total cost is about $25.00.
    • Mailbox: If you need to replace your mailbox, it needs to be a Medium T2 factory black mailbox.  Just a word of caution, some hardware stores sell mailboxes listed as Medium T2, but their sizing isn’t correct, and the mailboxes are much smaller.  We’d recommend contacting Otto’s Streetscape Solutions for this as well. They also offer a powder coating on the mailbox which is roughly an additional $30.00, but it does look really sharp. However, if you prefer to find your own mailbox, the measurements of the mailbox need to be as close as possible to 8” wide by 21.5” long. 
    • Yard Light/Lamp post: Please ensure that your front yard light pole is operational with clear or white lights.  Some common issues with these are:
      1. light bulbs need to be replaced
      2. dusk to dawn sensor is not operational (when this isn’t functional, you’ll know because your light will remain on 24 hours a day. 
      3. the GFI outlet has tripped or is non-functional.  
    If you need to replace your entire yard light and post there is not just one type or style.  Here homeowners have little latitude in determining a replacement.  We just advise that as you’re looking for a replacement, you consider the overall aesthetics of the light, and if it will blend in with the community. 
    • Mildew on siding: Please ensure that throughout the year you walk around your home and look for dirt/mildew forming on the siding of your home, shed, fence, etc.  If you find that you have this on your home or accessory structure (i.e., shed, pergola, fence, etc.), please remove this as weather permits.  Pressure washing your home is a sure way to clean the exterior of your home and accessory structures, but many homeowners without access to a pressure washer have found success with using a cleaner that they have bought at the local hardware store that attaches to their garden hose and with the turn of the attached nozzle on the bottle, allows them to reach the 2nd story of their home.  There are several brands available, but a few are: 
    1. E-Z House Wash by Home Armor
    2. House & Siding Zero Scrub by Scotts
    3. 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner by The Outdoor Miracle Formula 
  • chevron_rightHow do I report excessive cars parked in the street?
    Please do not contact the Meadows POA Directors or Ardsley Management asking us to take care of the issue.  We have been advised by the Noblesville Police Department to have residents contact them and they will come out and evaluate the situation.
  • chevron_rightWhen does my cul-de-sac get plowed?
    The City of Noblesville is responsible for plowing all streets in The Meadows, following their protocols for how and when they get plowed.  PRIMARY ROUTES such as Conner Street or 191st are always done first.  SECONDARY ROUTES such as Meadows Blvd or Golden Meadow Way are next.  Then ALTERNATE ROUTES are done last. Alternate roads are lesser-driven roads such as 16th Street or similar and include all cul-de-sacs, and therefore are the last streets to get plowed by the city, if at all. 
    Because cul-de-sacs are considered alternate routes by the city, The Meadows POA has contracted with a snow removal contractor to clear the cul-de-sacs when the snowfall is 2" or greater.
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact if a sidewalk needs repair?
    You should contact the Street Department which is 317-776-6348. You’ll get an automated answering menu, so just choose the operator, explain your question, and she can put you through to the right person.
  • chevron_rightWho do I contact about an issue with my street tree (between sidewalk and the street)?
    You would contact the city’s Urban Forester, at 317-776-6348.  Currently the City is responsible for removal and replacement of street trees.
  • chevron_rightYard Light Info
    It is important for residents to note that it is a requirement by the City of Noblesville, as well as the MPOA’s Declaration of Restrictions and Rules & Regulations that a properly working dusk-to-dawn light must be on each lot in the Meadows. It is each homeowner’s responsibility to keep the yard light in operation at all times. Some yard lights simply require a new light bulb (white or non-colored bulbs); some just need the dusk-to-dawn sensor cleaned; while still others only need to have their GFI plug reset. If these quick cures don’t fix your lighting issue, you may need to contact a handyman or licensed electrician.
  • chevron_rightWhere to find replacements?
    The Meadows does not have an "official" yard light requirement, however, the most commonly used light when the subdivision was built can be found at Menard’s.