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Noblesville Street Department
Posted on May 8th, 2019
 Noblesville street department will be doing extensive sidewalk and curb repair work followed by additional street resurfacing.  For details of their plans.  Cliick on the two links.  Plan details  Plan Map
New Rules and Regulations 2017
Posted on Jan 23rd, 2018
I’rd like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. The new rules that were approved at the end of 2017 have finally been made ready and have been posted here on our website in  the documents section as well as the link below.
Please familiarize yourself with them as they are in place to preserve and protect our property values.
Pool Fobs
Posted on Mar 1st, 2017
Pool fobs will be delivered to new residents of the Meadows starting May 1st, Residents who have requested and paid for replacement pool fobs the week of May 21st. Pool fobs are to be retained at the end of the pool season for future use.
If you are in one of the above categories and have not received your pool fob by Wednesday May 24, please contact the MPOA.
Holiday Decorations
Posted on Jan 11th, 2017
As a reminder, Christmas and other December holiday decorations are to be removed by end of January as per the Rules & Regulations.
Street Parking
Posted on Jan 11th, 2017
Persistent street parking is not permitted in the Meadows, as it can interfere with mail delivery and the snow plows. Cul-de-sacs having cars parked in them will not be plowed.  For safety's sake keep children and pets clear of the snow removal trucks. Children and pets at the edge or in the streets are difficult to see from the trucks and the weather makes it difficult for the trucks to maneuver or stop quickly!